Taking knowledge and turning it into action.

As part of our commitment to building community capacity, Data Informed Futures provides wrap-around support to help ensure our suite of measures can help communities be effective in improving outcomes. Our highly accessible team of experts has extensive experience in helping translate data into knowledge and action. With our local one-on-one coaching and our hosted national learning network, communities can build a roadmap for local action, and support local leaders engaged in collective and data-informed decision-making.


Photograph of a family of three moving into a new home. Boxes scattered and sun shining in the window.

Building a roadmap for local action.

Wrap-around support helps build a roadmap for local action.

DIF Coaching
Photograph of four young kids sitting on a wall, all reading books or using electronic devices. Heads of children are omitted from the photo.

Learning together.

The hosted, national learning network meets every other month and has over 40 active member communities.

DIF Coaching

Data Informed Futures Groupsite

The DIF Groupsite is designed to empower people to come together and make things happen. It is powered by Groupsite.com and combines the most useful features of traditional websites, blogs, collaboration software and social networks.This site is a meeting place that provides members of DIF Learning Exchange with a shared calendar, discussion forums, member profiles, photo gallery, file storage and more. All site members are encouraged to participate!

Data Informed Futures Groupsite

Knowledge to Action Director