The Center combines cutting-edge research, policy development, and community-based practices in new ways, to address the growing list of complex challenges that children and families face.

Working across multiple disciplines to understand and solve problems, we never forget that behind every data point, there’s a child. This inspires our efforts to develop better systems and improve the quality of services for vulnerable populations, and to create more effective child and family advocacy strategies at the community level.


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Data Informed Futures

Empowering the advocates, allies and visionaries striving to transform children’s lives by providing unique, neighborhood-level data and mapping about children’s well-being that reveal geographic patterns of disparity and resilience.

About DIF
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All Children Thrive (ACT)

Reimagining cities as engines for activism, innovation and positive change so that all children, of all backgrounds, can thrive.

About ACT
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Life Course Translational Research Network

Bringing communities, families, practitioners, and researchers together to translate research into action.

About the LCT-RN
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Social Impact Labs

Redefining how universities, government, communities, and the private sector work together to make a sustainable social impact in communities.

About the Labs