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Training the next generation of life course researchers.

The LCT-RN is committed to equipping researchers with the tools to design, implement, and evaluate life course interventions. We support those who are 1) beginning their research careers, 2) interested in shifting their work into Life Course Translational Research, and 3) practitioners working directly with individuals, families, and communities.


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LCT-RN Scholars Program

The LCT-RN Scholars Program is designed to support the next generation of researchers to use life course intervention research to promote health and well-being across the lifespan.

About the Scholars Program

Meet our Scholars

As part of both the Life Course Intervention Research Network (LCIRN) and the Life Course Translational Research Network (LCT-RN), we welcomed two cohorts of scholars over the past few years. Learn more about them:

Photograph of LCIRN/LCT-RN Scholars at the 2023 LCIRN Annual Meeting.

2021-23 Scholars

From 2021-23, the LCIRN trained their inaugural cohort of Scholars.

2021-23 Cohort
LCT-RN Scholars Program Logo

2024-25 Scholars

We are excited to introduce our newest class of LCT-RN Scholars!

2024-25 Cohort

Life Course Research Visual Toolkit

The NCATS Life Course Research Visual Toolkit, Charting the Life Course: An Interdisciplinary Blueprint, serves to increase knowledge about innovative life course research methods by providing content that is widely available and accessible to researchers across multiple disciplines through both longer and shorter visual formats presented by national and international experts in life course research.

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