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El Monte, CA: In examining their EDI and CHEQ data alongside their asset data, the Mountain View School District found that their EDI results indicated weaknesses, particularly in the physical health and well-
being domain. When they overlaid their EDI data with existing medicaland dental care facilities, they noticed that medical and dental resources were lacking in their geographic area, which worsened as a result of the COVID pandemic-related impacts. They realized families needed to travel outside of their local neighborhood to access medical and dental care, revealing significant community transportation needs to access resources. In response, the Mountain View Family Center is now working towards providing medical and dental care at the center’s facility to provide greater access to these services for families.

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Examples from the Field is a series of stories and case studies from communities that partner with the Data Informed Futures team that explores how communities use population-level measures on children’s well-being throughout the life course. This series of case studies is featured in our brief, Equity from the Start.

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An initiative of the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities, Data Informed Futures (previously TECCS) offers unique, neighborhood-level data and mapping – throughout the course of a child’s life – that reveal geographic patterns of disparity and resilience. Since 2012, Data Informed Futures has helped over 90 different local communities in more than 18 states.

Our new, integrated suite of linked data tools provides a comprehensive picture and understanding of children’s development and well-being from pre-K through middle school. This data, along with our support and coaching, enable community leaders and partners to conceive, “sell” and implement meaningful changes that improve children’s health and well-being. To learn more about our work and impact, please visit

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