Imagine a city designed with child wellbeing at its center, so that all children, of all backgrounds, can thrive.

This city fosters healing and resilience among children and communities that have faced adversities. It transforms and redesigns the places, law, and systems that support children’s health, development, and well-being. Long standing issues such as a lack of affordable housing, investments in early childhood development, and safe spaces for children and youth are addressed and new environments created to fully support families.

About All Children Thrive (ACT)

ACT was created from the idea that children’s health and well-being is dependent on many factors and systems and requires collaborative solutions that bring communities together to positively impact how children grow, develop, live, learn, and play.

ACT Goals include: 

  • Shape Perspective: Onboard cities and help them realize their essential role in public health efforts to address child well- being and trauma prevention. Cities work with community members and partners to identify their role and sense of purpose in promoting child well-being, preventing trauma, and advancing equity.
  • Innovate through Collaboration: Cities network to learn about other challenges and potential solutions and to create opportunities to strategize and learn together through learning communities.
  • Shift Power: Embed community voices into policy, planning, development, and city-wide, cross-sector systems improvements.
  • Make Sustainable Change: Pass policies, create strong programs, bring in funding, and transform systems so children and families can thrive.

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All Children Thrive - California Website 

ACT Staff

Todd Franke, PhD MSW | Director

Jared Schor, MA | Data Manager