Reimagining cities as engines for activism, innovation and positive change so that all children, of all backgrounds, can thrive.

All Children Thrive works in cities to design and implement new strategies that improve the health and well-being of children.


Photograph of several children smiling away from the camera with one kid smiling at the camera at golden hour.

Key Strategies

  • Engaging and activating cities to become ACT cities. We work with cities in implementing evidence-based policies and practices in improving child wellbeing.
  • Helping a few of the ACT cities become Transformation Hubs. We help cities employ user-centered design, networked improvements, and rapid cycle innovation and improvement strategies to achieve targeted high priority outcomes.
  • Build the capacity of some cities to implement systems improvements.  We promote the adoption of capacity building strategies, such as enhancing data infrastructure, creating permanent city level leadership on child wellbeing, or designing a 10-year blueprint for child wellbeing.
  • Developing an ACT-informed Data Infrastructure. We provide the tools to help cities monitor key measures of child development and wellbeing.
Illustration of All Children Thrive Logo, which looks like four orange petals with lines connecting the four petals in orange. Background includes orange box, with lines in the background for embellishment. Bottom left corner has Center for Healthier Children, Families, & Communities logo and right corner reads "All Children Thrive"

All Children Thrive Toolkit

Our partners at ACT-California created a toolkit that describes more about the All Children Thrive initiative in California.

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