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Training the next generation of life course intervention researchers.

The LCT-RN Scholars Program is designed to support the next generation of researchers to use life course intervention research (LCIR) concepts, methods, and skills to promote health and well-being across the lifespan. Scholars will be supported to bridge the gap between completion of their training and the launch of their independent research careers.

This program offered through the HRSA-MCHB-funded Life Course Translational Research Network (LCT-RN), led by Neal Halfon MD MPH is aimed at early and mid-career researchers (post-docs, clinical scholars, junior faculty) across disciplines (e.g., medicine, public health, sociology, social work, psychology) with a focus on maternal and child health from a life course health development perspective. This career enhancement program will also be useful for more established researchers who wish to transition to life course translational research.

LCT-RN Scholars will have an interest in translating life course principles into practice, with a view to an independent research career and/or integration of the life course approach into their existing research portfolio.

Meet our Scholars

LCT-RN Research Scholars Team

Portrait of Life Course Translational Research Network Program Manager, Chandler Beck, MPH, standing on the beach in California with blue skies, palm trees in the background, and Chandler in the foreground.

Chandler Beck, MPH

Program Manager, Life Course Translational Research Network and Social Impact Labs