Photograph of two kids swinging on a park swingset, with the sun shining in the background and surrounded by playground equipment. Overlaid with green banner on the left that reads "LCT-RN" with the LCT-RN logo in the top left and Center logo at the bottom right.

We are delighted to report that we have been notified by HRSA-MCHB that our proposal for a Life Course Translational Research Network (LCT-RN) 2023-2028 has been successful!  This next phase of our work will focus on research specifically geared towards co-designing, testing, implementing, disseminating, and scaling effective interventions that improve life course health trajectories and can bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and population health impact.

This work will build directly on the foundations laid in the Life Course Research Network (LCRN), and the Life Course Intervention Research Network (LCIRN) and has only been made possible through the efforts of all of our network members.

Between now and the end of August 2023 we will be wrapping up final LCIRN pilot studies, publishing and disseminating the findings and getting ready to transition to the LCT-RN on 1st September 2023. We hope that you will stay with us for this next phase of the life course research journey. We will be joined by an even wider range of policy and practice partners as we continue to move life course research into practice at speed and at scale. Please share this notice with any colleagues who would like to be added to our email list, and ask them to contact our Program Manager Chandler Beck at or direct them to our website at



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