We are the Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities.

The Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities understands what it takes for children to thrive and finds new, more innovative and effective ways to make that possible. For over 25 years, we’ve combined cutting-edge research, policy development, and community-based practices in new ways, to address the growing list of complex challenges that children and families face. By re-imagining what’s possible, and developing groundbreaking approaches that empower community leaders and partners, our collaborative approach catalyzes lasting, positive change for children and families.

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Portrait of Life Course Translational Research Network Program Manager, Chandler Beck, MPH, standing on the beach in California with blue skies, palm trees in the background, and Chandler in the foreground.

Chandler Beck, MPH

Program Manager, Life Course Translational Research Network and Social Impact Labs

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Logo of the Life Course Translational Research Network, abbreviated as LCT-RN, which is comprised of five interlocking green circles on green background.

Flyer: LCT-RN

The LCT-RN is a nationwide network of thought leaders, innovators and change makers.

LCT-RN Flyer
Photograph of a family of four, smiling, while the kids are on the backs of the parents.

Report: Family Foundations

Family Foundations helps prepare couples for parenthood by fostering attitudes and skills that foster positive parenting teamwork (“coparenting”).

Family Foundations Report
Photograph of a group of children playing, silohuetted by the sunset.

Flyer: LCT-RN Adversity Node

The LCT-RN Adversity Node works to target the root causes of adversity.

Adversity Node Flyer
Cover of Volume 149, Issue Supplement 5 of the Pediatrics, the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, published in May 2022. Contains listings of all publications on cover. Publications are listed below.

Advancing Life Course Intervention Research

The collection of 17 articles, authored by 64 scientists from from across the US and Australia, defines a new discipline of Life Course Intervention Research.

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1-page summaries and video abstracts are available for all articles within the Pediatrics supplement.

 Article Summaries

Our Programs

Image with green box and lines on the left, overlaid with LCT-RN logo. Text in top-right corner reads "LCT-RN" and bottom left corner reads "Life Course Translational Research Network." Center logo at the bottom right.

Life Course Translational Research Network

Bringing communities, families, practitioners, and researchers together to translate research into action.

About the LCT-RN
DIF logo on Blue Box.

Data Informed Futures

Empowering the advocates, allies and visionaries striving to transform children’s lives by providing unique, neighborhood-level data and mapping about children’s well-being that reveal geographic patterns of disparity and resilience.

About DIF
Image with yellow box on left and line drawing of globe on the right. Overlaid with a dark blue triangle with text "Social Impact Labs", with center logo in the bottom left corner.

Social Impact Labs

Redefining how universities, government, communities, and the private sector work together to make a sustainable social impact in communities.

About the Labs