Women, children, and families in the U.S. are not as healthy as they should be, and persistent health inequities continue to plague our nation. Despite spending more, key indicators like infant and maternal mortality show us at
or near the bottom of the heap. Along with a host of great colleagues, Chad Abresch holds a vision for a better future and is working to make that vision a reality. For the past decade, he has led CityMatCH, a national maternal and child health organization dedicated to leadership, equity, and science. During his tenure, CityMatCH has been recognized for its excellence by HRSA’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the American Public Health
Association. The annual CityMatCH conference has also grown from 300 attendees to over 800, and the operating budget has increased by more than 50 percent and now stands at over $3 million annually. Chad enjoys life in
Omaha, Nebraska with his wife Melissa and their four growing children.

Chad also serves as co-leader of the Life Course Translational Research Network (LCT-RN)'s Family Node.

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